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Less Concrete. More Jungle!

Tribute Pavers now available on the Fountain Plaza

How Dry I Am: The Succulent Garden

New Classes

Spotlight On: Plant Families of Mt. Diablo Tour

Three Best Movies Starring Plants and more from Hortiphile

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Upcoming Storytimes: October 16th & November 6th

The Mighty Asparagus by Vladimir Radunsky
When a large asparagus suddenly appears in the king's back yard, he enlists the help of several people and animals to get rid of it. Re-purposed Renaissance paintings and gonzo-style narrative make this version of the classic Russian folktale "The Giant Turnip" irreverent and extremely entertaining!

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The Encyclopedia of Container Plants

The Encyclopedia of Container Plants. By Rob Cardillo ($34.95)

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You may think you know a cedar tree, but what you think may surprise you. What we commonly know as the "red cedar" or "incense cedar" are not true cedars at all. Here's the real story… There are only four true species of cedar in the world, and they hail from Lebanon, Syria and the Himalayas. On the Great Lawn at SFBG, we are lucky to have handsome specimens of all four species growing side by side. Cedrus libani, Cedrus deodara, Cedrus atlantica and Cedrus brevifolia, hold the distinction as the real mccoy. Find out more about the four true cedars in this month's In Bloom feature, complete with photos, a plant profile and exact locations.
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At the Garden: Issue No. 56  |  October 2010
   From the Director
Less Concrete. More Jungle!
Dear Friends,

San Francisco is blessed with green space as many other cities are not in spite of our dense urban fabric.  Yet, as in any urban area, proliferation of pavement poses challenges for wildlife habitat, rainwater runoff, and just plain garden space.  A solution to those challenges in this already green city is about to become available to San Franciscans.  The San Francisco Botanical Garden Society has partnered with the Department of Public Works (think permit facilitation) and the San Francisco Parks Trust to educate the public about what to plant where and how to do it through a program called Grey2Green…

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   Commemorate Someone Special
Tribute Pavers now available
on the Fountain Plaza
Tribute Pavers

You may have noticed the construction around the Fountain… When finished, these stones circling the Fountain are available for your personal tributes – commemorating family members or friends; maybe just providing a way to be sure your family is part of the daily life of this exciting place!

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   Notes from a Plant Nut
How Dry I Am: The Succulent Garden

This month it's all about the succulent garden. Actually as one of my favorite gardens, every month is all about the succulent garden. But October, when the plants have endured our long summer drought, shows off their survival skills splendidly…

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New Classes
Beginning Watercolor Techniques A
Learn and practice basic watercolor techniques such as color mixing for organics, texturing, glazing and superimposing (Tuesday session).
Master Photography Photo Shoot
Work with a master photographer to learn garden photography hands on. There are four sessions in October. Choose to attend one or all four!
Chinese Brush Painting
Celebrated artist Feng Chen teaches students of all skill levels how to create beautiful botanical brush paintings.
Green Living: Ecology and Conservation in the Home Garden
Curator Don Mahoney and Tom Bressan of the Urban Farmer Store share secrets of how you can reduce your ecological footprint through your home garden.

Plant Families of Mt. Diablo

Plant Families of Mt. Diablo

Naturalist Glenn Keator leads a hike on Mt. Diablo to discover a wide diversity of local plant families and species appropriate to local Bay Area gardens.

   From Our Blog
New this Month on Hortiphile

Three Best Movies Starring Plants Three Best Movies Starring Plants
Rain is predicted for the weekend. Hurray! We now have an excuse for lazing around in our jammies all weekend watching movies about plants. Our three favorites?

Beyond the Camera and Into the Garden
This ain't your average photography class. Award-winning, Bay Area phenomenon Saxon Holt will be teaching an incredible series of garden photography classes at the SFBG.

Native Planting Time
It's time to plant natives! The shorter days and impending rains lead to stronger, bigger, all-around better plants. But what to put in?

Plant of the Moment
Where's our scratch 'n sniff monitors?! The Luculias are in bloom throughout the garden.

Weed-free Gardening
Nice story on weed-free gardening in the Times today. Lazy gardeners unite!