At the Garden: SF Botanical Garden Society's monthly newsletter : June 9, 2009
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Edible Expeditions Botanical Art at the Conservatory

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Designing California Native Gardens

California Plant Families,
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"Edible Expeditions"
Botanical Illustration Exhibit, at the Conservatory of Flowers
Now - Nov. 1

Edible Expeditions

View these exquisite pen-and-ink-wash drawings created on-site in the Conservatory greenhouses by SFBGS Botanical Illustration program artists. These masterful works echo the fine illustrations of collectors and botanists from the Age of Exploration when large ships searched the globe for new fruits, vegetables, grains, and exotic plants.

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Life and death in the same plant? Digitalis purpurea is utilized by the medical community in the treatment of serious heart conditions, yet just a nibble from the leaves of the upper stem are toxic enough to potentially cause death. This garden classic is commonly known as Foxglove, but its dangerous reputation has also earned it such monikers as Dead Man's Bells, and Witches' Gloves. Look for Digitalis purpurea in the California Garden and in this month's "In Bloom" feature, complete with photos, a plant profile and exact locations.
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At the Garden: Issue No. 40  |  June 2009
   From the Curator
Dear Friends,

With the advent of summer, I am once again awed by the ability of the Recreation and Park Department's 11 excellent gardeners who keep so much of these very special 55 acres watered and weeded and pruned. It's a huge effort that, as all of us who are gardeners already know, never ends. These professionals are up against two major irrigation challenges. Well, three if you count our dry summer Mediterranean climate. The first is the lack of a modern irrigation infrastructure that necessitates a great deal of lugging and pulling of heavy hoses.…

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Fragrance and Investing Podcasts

Donald Frediani Investing in the Garden
Donald Frediani, one of our long-time supporters, talks about why he is so confident about supporting the San Francisco Botanical Garden and why it's so important.

Garden of Fragrance Garden of Fragrance
You'll want to visit our Garden of Fragrance after you listen to this program. Docent Ernie Ng is our guest.

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New Classes
Chinese Brush Painting
Celebrated artist Feng Chen will lend her expertise to teach students of all skill levels how to create beautiful botanical brush paintings.
A Special SFBGS Mini-Seminar: Surviving the Drought
Resident expert Don Mahoney helps you select and care for hardy drought-tolerant plants and Janet Moyer and Michael Hofman discuss new "smart" water management systems in this two-part seminar.
Botanical Illustration III - Beginning Watercolor Techniques
Using a specially developed “Naturalist's Palette”, we will learn and practice basic watercolor techniques such as color mixing for organics, texturing, glazing and superimposing.
Northern California's Magnificent Redwood Country
Venture across the Golden Gate, beyond the wine country, and up the California coast to a place where redwoods loom together like crowds of leafy skyscrapers.
Oh Deer! Coping With Bambi in the Garden
Yes, it IS possible to garden in deer country; but first, you'd better find out how to deal with those wily antlered creatures.

Growing Proteas in Bay Area Gardens

Growing Proteas in Bay Area Gardens
Add exotic flavor to your garden with beautiful species of the genera protea, leucospermum, leucadendron, banksia and grevillea!

   Development News
Your help will make a difference! Please give by June 30th!
Donate Now

Every day dedicated Garden educators take the hands of children and show them the importance and diversity of the world of plants. These lessons early in life encourage conservation and help curb the disturbing development of “nature deficit disorder” in children.

Please extend your hand at this critical time! Your donation, no matter the size, will sustain our Garden and all our education programs.

Feel free to call Heidi at (415) 661-1316 ext. 304 if you would like to donate by phone.

Celebrate the Summer Solstice at the June 18th Members-Only Event!

The hours after closing-time are always special in the Garden; the light begins to fade away and the sounds of the City recede. Join us in the Garden from 6 to 8 pm on Thursday, June 18, for a very special Member-Only After Hours Aperitifs, including celebratory libations, hors-d'oeuvres and good company.

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