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Winter Design Symposium: “Gardens That Work”

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"Looking at Light Through Flowers" Art Exhibit


The Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada

In this groundbreaking and meticulously field-tested guide, the rich variety of Sierra life – trees, wildflowers, ferns, fungi, lichens, fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds, mammals, insects and other small animals come alive. Now available in the Garden Bookstore.


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"Looking at Light Through Flowers"

art by Joanne Koltnow

Photography by Joanne Koltnow, on exhibit at SFBG's Helen Crocker Russell Library of Horticulture now through the end of March.

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The majestic Sitka Spruce hails from North America's West Coast from Alaska to California, but has been cultivated around the world as it is highly sought after for a multitude of uses. Its primary uses are timber and wood pulp. Due to an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio, it's also popular in the production of musical instruments, boats, aircraft and missles. Decades of high industry demand has resulted in very little remaining old–growth Sitka spruce forest. Picea sitchensis can be found near the Wildfowl Pond and in this month's In Bloom feature, complete with photos, plant profile and exact locations.
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At the Garden: Issue No. 23  |  January 2008
From the Executive Director

Dear Friends,

Growing up back East (well, OK, in the Midwest) this is the time of year we all eagerly awaited the spring seed catalogues. We'd sit inside, snug in our well insulated homes that just barely held off the extreme winter temperatures outside, dreaming of a thaw and then Spring itself. But at some point it required more than just dreaming, because once Spring tripped over the windowsill you had to be ready to fly into action…

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New Classes & Events

Lilies for the Garden
Reknown lily breeder Judith Freeman shows us the glory of this special garden flower.
Urban Gardening with Hydroponics
There are many ways to garden in the City. Discover the beauty and simplicity of gardening indoors in a small space.
Chinese Brush Painting
Celebrated artist Feng Chen teaches students at all levels - even those with no previous experience - to create amazing paintings in a refined style.
Botany and Taxonomy for Artists and Gardeners
Learn the taxonomy and botany of plants that have inspired artists.
Botany & Taxonomy and Botanical Drawing
Draw with accuracy, beauty and individuality in this beginning drawing class.

California Desert Plants: Amazing Beauty in a Harsh Environment
Join Steve Hartman on a virtual tour through the California desert.
Pollination Ecology and the Current Concerns Regarding Honey Bee Populations
Join UC Berkeley's Dr. Gordon Frankie to learn more about this puzzling phenomenon.

The Great Sonoran Desert
A rare opportunity to experience fascinating desert ecosystems at the height of their beauty with naturalist Glenn Keator.
Native Wildflowers along the Tule River
Explore the awesome beauty of the Southern Sierra in Spring.
Waterscapes in Spain: Gardens, Culture & Cuisine
Save the date for this unique journey, co-sponsored by the SF Botanical Garden Society and Pacific Horticulture Magazine.

Gardens That Work

Gardens That Work
Design Symposium co-sponsored with Horticulture Magazine
Flowering herb knots, productive potagers, home orchards ripe with fruit — these are some of the joys of gardens that function as more than superbly designed and meticulously maintained spaces. These are gardens that pay back hard work with fresh food, cut flowers and sustained enjoyment.

Join us for an exciting and inspiring day working through the design principles and horticultural techniques as well as sharing in some of the delights of beautiful, bountiful gardens that work.

Down to Earth Gardening
Gardening smarter, problem solving and going green with the best new plants.

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As the New Year begins, we're thankful for the support of our members during 2007. We hope you've had a chance to come and see how much your membership support helped the Garden this year – great progress has been made! We thank you for your help, and hope we'll see all of you in the Garden in 2008.

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