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Restoration continues in the wildest part of the Garden

Restoration continues in the wildest part of the Garden.

Ten energetic volunteers from Exygy worked on the John Muir trail last month and did the first replanting in two years. The John Muir trail (next to the Children's Garden) is a slice of wild, native California, with Buckeyes, Manzanita and Ceanothus abound. The area is an important component of our Youth Education program because visiting school children are allowed to explore freely there and learn about California native plants.

The Exygy team raked up newly sprouted non-native grass and pulled out invasive Cape ivy vines. They also were able to plant 20 native perennials just in time for the rains.

Great work, thanks Exygy.

About Exygy

A team of artists and engineers, Exygy builds world-class technology. We do custom web and mobile: strategy, UX, visual design, and production. The company is committed to green design and works with nonprofits, social ventures, start-ups and corporate clients.

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