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Taking Root In The Community

End-of-the-Season Plant Sale

Have a Cup of Cheer

Spotlight On: Wreath-Making Workshop

Stories in the Stones

Grey2Green Sidewalk Landscaping

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Saturday, Nov 12 with End of the Season Sale

Wicked Bugs
Wicked Bugs
The Louse that Conquered Napoleon's Army and other Diabolical Insects

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Nov 19 & Dec 3
We'll be reading:

Are Trees Alive?

Comparing trees to the human body, the author conveys in simple language how trees "breathe", how they absorb nutrients, and how they provide shelter for animals.

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This magnificent Monterey cypress presides over the Great Meadow as you enter the Botanical Garden. An endangered species, it grows natively in only two spots in Monterey County. Ours grow higher and straighter than the signature silhouette you'll find on the Monterey coast, where strong winds sculpt low, lateral branches and a flat-topped shape. Look for Monterey cypress throughout the Garden and in this month's In Bloom feature, complete with photos, a plant profile and exact locations.
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At the Garden: Issue No. 69  |  November 2011
   From the Executive Director
Taking Root In The Community

At San Francisco Botanical Garden Society, where our mission is to cultivate the bond between people and plants, we hope that visitors of all ages and backgrounds will explore the wonders inside the gates of the Botanical Garden. We also look for opportunities to take the Garden to our community outside the gates.

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SFBGS Appoints New Executive Director

On October 26, Interim Executive Director Sue Ann Levin Schiff was appointed Executive Director. "The entire Board has been very impressed by Ms. Schiff's agility and acumen in positioning San Francisco Botanical Garden Society for the challenges and opportunities ahead, " said Board Chair Don Baldocchi.

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   From the Curator
End-of-the-Season Plant Sale

End-of-the-Season Plant Sale

Our November plant sale is our end-of-the-season sale. But it could almost be called the beginning-of-the-season sale as most mediterranean gardens will begin to grow in earnest now that the rainy season is upon us.

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   For Members Only
Have a Cup of Cheer

Members are invited to join us for the annual SFBGS Member Holiday Bazaar, a heart-warming and festive evening featuring handcrafted items from the staff and friends of the Garden. This event takes place on Thursday, December 8 at the SF County Fair Building Auditorium from 5-7pm.

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How Plants Grow – The Botany and Ecology of Plants

Ernesto Sandoval, Director of the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory, leads a lively multimedia presentation (live plants included!) to help us better understand how and why plants live or die, flourish or flounder in our gardens.

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Wreath-Making Workshop

Join us for this beloved annual event as we make spectacular holiday wreaths and garlands using cuttings from our Garden.

   People, Plants & Appreciation
Stories in the Stones

Tribute Paver

Welcome to this new feature in At The Garden. Every month we will look forward to the chance to express our appreciation of the people who make the personal difference in the vitality of our Garden, whose generosity literally makes the Garden grow.

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