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September is for Our Children and Our Future


Time for Fall Planting

Spotlight On: Think Like a Camera

Order Your Tribute Pavers by September 19th

Save Your Spot in Class! Docent Training Starts 9/17

Garden Feast: Our Kids, Their Planet

Only three days til our next...

Saturday, Sep 10 featuring Natives & Succulents >>

Updates on Nursery: Center for Sustainable Gardening


Sep 17 & Oct 1
We'll be reading:

Sister Night & Sister Day

Beth Norling's retelling of the Grimm's fairy tale 'Mother Holle' is a wonderful tale of twin sisters who were "as different as night and day." Norling's watercolor pencil illustrations and her engaging text are a perfect pairing.

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Homegrown Herbs
Homegrown Herbs
A Complete Guide to Growing, Using and Enjoying More than 100 Herbs

About this book >>

new The 2012 Henry Evans Calendars

Originating from the cloud forests of Colombia, Passiflora parritae is believed to no longer exist in its native habitat. Its pendant 6-10" flowers hang in flame-color profusion from the branches of a myrtle tree in our Andean Cloud Forest Garden. It's a stunning sight for visitors, and a rewarding one for the nursery volunteers who propagated it successfully after many false starts. Look for Passiflora parritae in the Andean Cloud Forest and in this month's In Bloom feature, complete with photos, a plant profile and exact locations.
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At the Garden: Issue No. 67  |  September 2011
   From the Interim Executive Director
September is for Our Children and Our Future

September is an important month at the Garden and this year it has special significance.

On September 15, we host Garden Feast, our annual fundraising luncheon, held in the Great Meadow. Always a lovely time to visit the Garden, this year's event is dedicated to the children of our community and the Botanical Garden Society's commitment to share with them the wonder and joy of the natural world, whatever their background, whatever their circumstance. Available to participating schools and community programs without charge, we reach 10,000 children a year, most from San Francisco public schools and many from the City's most underserved neighborhoods.

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   Art Exhibit

A new art exhibit about our treasured plants

Banksia serrata 2011 Mary Harden

Exquisite original watercolors in this brand new art exhibit have all been painted from plants that the artists have chosen as Treasures from San Francisco Botanical Garden at Strybing Arboretum. Featuring the work of over 20 artists, including botanical art teacher, Mary Harden, the artists have been working on this exhibit for over a year as a tribute to the Garden they love.

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   From the Curator
Time for Fall Planting

California Native Plant

Autumn is planting season, especially for California native plants. In our Mediterranean climate almost 100% of our rainfall falls between October and May, which means our native species are adapted to grow in the wintertime. By planting in the fall, Mediterranean climate plants are able to become well established before the spring rains end and often can get by with no supplimental water the following summer.

Native & Succulent Plant Sale Sneak Preview >>

New Classes
Micro and Miniature Gardening Indoors and Outdoors
Kerry Barrs, Professional Gardener and SFBG Docent, shares how plants' natural habitats give us clues for how to grow them in our homes and gardens.
Get Rid Of That Big Lawn, Already!
If you're thinking about ripping out your lawn because it needs too much water and too many pesticides and herbicides, or simply because you're just plain tired of maintaining it, this class is for you.
Japanese Full Moon Viewing Party
Come and enjoy the last full moon before the autumn equinox, as we share traditions of Japanese moon viewing on the shores the Garden's lovely Moon Viewing Pond.
Succulent Plants In The Garden with Andy Stone
Second in our Horticultural Treasures & Plant Sale Series, former SFBG gardener Andy Stone teaches how to successfully grow aloes, agaves, cacti, and other beautiful and practical succulents in your garden.
What Makes a 'Good' Garden Photograph?
A good photograph can reveal, inspire, and provoke. Saxon Holt presents fool-proof techniques you can apply to your own photography.

Think Like a Camera
GARDEN PHOTOGRAPHY - Think Like a Camera

If you're interested in garden photography and want to enhance your skills, this is your opportunity. Renowned garden photographer Saxon Holt leads students on a Garden tour to study locations, shares advanced techniques and challenges participants with an on-site assignment.

   Tribute Pavers
Order Your Tribute Pavers by September 19th

The stones circling the Fountain Plaza are available for your personal tributes – commemorate family members or friends or simply provide a way to make sure your family is a permanent part of daily life at this Garden we love!

Order by Monday, September 19! >>

   Docent Training
Save Your Spot in Class!
Docent Training Starts 9/17

Docent Training Program
Every day, docents lead visitors on voyages of discovery across SFBG. Share your love of the Garden with others by becoming a SFBGS Docent. No previous horticultural knowledge necessary – that's what you get from us! But don't take our word for it, see what our Docents have to say!

Classes start September 17th
Contact Tom at (415) 661-1316 ext. 412 for details.

Lead walks for children >>

Lead walks for adults >>