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Our Kids. Their Planet. Your Garden.

Share Your Love of the Garden

Bring a Piece of the Garden Home With You, Any Day

Greeters at the Garden Gate

Spotlight On: Garden-Style Propagation

High Elevation Palms

Be a part of the Garden Forever

Garden Feast: Our Kids, Their Planet

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Aug 20 & Sep 3
We'll be reading:

Mrs. Spitzer's Garden

Mrs. Spitzer has a gardening approach to her kindergarten teaching.

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Le Japon Artistique
Le Japon Artistique

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Among California wildflowers there could be no bigger blossom, nor a taller or more elegant specimen than the Matilija Poppy. Its seven-foot stem supports flowers that are five inches across with six crinkly snow-white petals and numerous orange stamens in their center. Often called the "fried egg poppy," Matilija arrives in the world sunny-side-up! Look for the Matilija Poppy in the California Native Garden and in this month's In Bloom feature, complete with photos, a plant profile and exact locations.
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At the Garden: Issue No. 66  |  August 2011
   From the Interim Executive Director
Our Kids. Their Planet. Your Garden.

At the Society, we have a twofold mission – to build communities of support for the Garden and to cultivate the bond between people and plants. When it comes to children, our mission has special urgency.

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   Docent Training
Share Your Love of the Garden

Docent Training Program
Every day, docents lead visitors on voyages of discovery across SFBG. Share your love of the Garden with others by becoming a SFBGS Docent. No previous horticultural knowledge necessary – that's what you get from us! But don't take our word for it, see what our Docents have to say!

Classes start September 17th
Contact Tom at (415) 661-1316 ext. 412 for details.

More about leading walks for children >>

More about leading walks for adults >>

   From the Curator
Bring a Piece of the Garden Home With You, Any Day


More than 30 years ago, the Society started monthly plant sales at the County Fair Building. Loaded with plants not found at garden centers and conventional nurseries, those plant sales quickly outgrew that initial location and moved down to the Garden Nursery where monthly themed sales continue to this day. Now over 350 months later, we've fulfilled a dream of making those same plants available each day in the new Arbor by the Garden Bookstore.

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   Volunteers Needed
Greeters at the Garden Gate

Many foreign tourists and out-of-towners pass by our North Gate without realizing what a treasure lies beyond! Volunteers are needed to serve as greeters across from the Japanese Tea Garden to welcome visitors to a tranquil and beautiful experience they might otherwise miss.

Contact Tom at (415) 661-1316 ext. 412 for more information.

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New Classes
Chinese Brush Painting
Join celebrated artist Feng Chen as she shares techniques rooted in traditional style.
Botany for Gardeners Part One – Evolution, Reproduction, Plants & People
Joanne Whitney and Al Luongo teach the botany you'll need to grow plants that thrive. Good science, but we'll keep it fun!
Ethnobotany of Asian Plants with Ernie Ng
Kicking off our "Horticultural Treasures & Plant Sale" series, this combination lecture/walk/plant sale explores the symbolism, folklore, history and uses of Asian plants.
Micro and Miniature Gardening Indoors and Outdoors
Kerry Barrs, Professional Gardener and SFBG Docent, shares how plants' natural habitats give us clues for how to grow them in our homes and gardens.
Get Rid Of That Big Lawn, Already!
If you're thinking about ripping out your lawn because it needs too much water and too many pesticides and herbicides, or simply because you're just plain tired of maintaining it, this class is for you.

Learn about how to share plants in Garden-Style Propagation
Garden-Style Propagation

Curator Don Mahoney teaches key propagation methods including taking and handling cuttings, sowing seed, dividing and obtaining new and tested plants for your garden.

   From the Associate Curator
High Elevation Palms


The San Francisco Botanical Garden's climate of year-round moderate temperatures and high humidity allows for the successful cultivation of extremely rare heat-intolerant palm species from cloud forest habitats. High altitude South American genera such as Ceroxylon and Parajubaea and Southeast Asian Trachycarpus thrive at SFBG. No other North American botanical garden has the same potential for success in cultivating the full range of these palms, many of which are endangered.

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   Tribute Pavers
Be a Part of the Garden Forever

Tribute Pavers on the Fountain Plaza
The stones circling the Fountain are available for your personal tributes – commemorate family members or friends or simply provide a way to make sure your family is a permanent part of daily life at this Garden we love!

Order by Monday, September 19! >>