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Salvias, Shrubs and Every Day Plant Sales

Save Your Spot in Class!

Spotlight On: Summer Gardening Fair

Olfactory treats await in the Garden of Fragrance

Be a part of the Garden forever

Only three days til our next...

Saturday, July 9 featuring Salvias and Shrubs >>

Garden Feast: Our Kids, Their Planet


Jul 16 & Aug 6
We'll be reading:

Bats at the Beach

On a night when the moon can grow no fatter, bats pack their moon-tan lotion and baskets of treats and fly off for some fun on the beach. The author's enchanting acrylic illustrations and amusing verse are sure to delight children of all ages.

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July Book List >>

50 Beautiful Deer Resistant Plants
50 Beautiful Deer Resistant Plants

About this book >>

Terry Seefeld
SFBG Gardener, Terry Seefeld, has been named one of this year's William H. Hall Gardener of the Year award recipients. Congratulations, Terry!

Other than the raven, few species in nature are tied so closely with death as the noble and ancient yew tree. It has served as backdrop in European cemeteries for centuries, casting its dark shadow over the living and the dead and inspiring many a poet and writer from Caesar's time to present day. In 1849, Alfred Lord Tennyson eulogized a friend, addressing the yew above the grave: "Old yew, which graspest at the stones/ That name the underlying dead,/ Thy fibres net the dreamless head,/ Thy roots are wrapped about the bones." Look for the yew in the Redwood Grove and in this month's In Bloom feature, complete with photos, a plant profile and exact locations.
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At the Garden: Issue No. 65  |  July 2011
   From the Interim Executive Director
On Visiting

When I can break away from meetings and deadlines, I walk in the Botanical Garden. I see something new every time. I meet new people every time. I love to hear their stories – why they visit, how often they return, where they are from, what they like best. Everyone's story is wonderful and different.

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   From the Curator
Salvias, Shrubs and Every Day Plant Sales

Salvias and Shrubs Monthly Plant Sale Preview
For many years, those of us who propagate plants for sale have wished that we could have a venue to sell plants on a daily basis. Soon it will happen. A new arbor that will house plants for sale seven days a week is being built behind the current bookstore.

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   Docent Training
Save your spot in class!

Imagine understanding the Botanical Garden at a much deeper level and then sharing that exciting new knowledge with others. Train to lead walks for children or to introduce visitors to the wonders of SFBG. We are hoping to assemble the biggest classes yet for both Children's Walk Training and Visitor Interpretation Training. No previous horticultural knowledge is necessary – that's what you get from us!

Please call Tom Laursen, Volunteer Services Manager, at 661-1316 ext. 412 for details.

More about leading walks for children >>
More about leading walks for adults >>

New Classes
Ethnobotany of Asian Plants with Ernie Ng
Kicking off our Horticultural Treasures & Plant Sale Series, this combination lecture/walk/plant sale explores the symbolism, folklore, history and uses of Asian plants.
I Love NY Plants
A special presentation for those visiting the Big Apple or nostalgic for Eastern North American Flora! Includes plants that have some connection with our local plants.
Get Rid Of That Big Lawn, Already!
If you're thinking about ripping out your lawn because it needs too much water and too many pesticides and herbicides, or simply because you're just plain tired of maintaining it, this class is for you.
Botany for Gardeners Part One – Evolution, Reproduction, Plants & People
As an experienced gardener, you know how to grow plants that thrive. In this class we will learn a lot more about why plants do what they do and why they need what they need.

Summer Gardening Fair

Postpone your Saturday chores and come learn more about plants and gardening from representatives of local horticultural and conservation organizations. August 6th, 10am – 3pm. FREE.

   For Your Next Visit
Olfactory treats await in the Garden of Fragrance

A visit to the Garden isn't complete without an olfactory stroll through this quaint and 'smelly' garden. Located close to the main entrance and ADA accessible, it is the perfect botanical stop for everyone, especially at this time of year.

Full report & virtual tour >>

   Tribute Pavers
Be a part of the Garden forever

Tribute Pavers on the Fountain Plaza

Tribute Pavers on the Fountain Plaza
The stones circling the Fountain are available for your personal tributes – commemorate family members or friends or simply provide a way to make sure your family is a permanent part of daily life at this Garden we love!

Order by July 30! >>