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Meet Sue Ann Schiff

Perennial Plant Sale Preview

Secret Paths and Extraordinary Plants

Spotlight On: Chinese Culture Summer Camp 2011

"Small but Mighty"

Only four days til our next...

Saturday, June 11 featuring Perennials >>


June 18 & July 2
We'll be reading:

The Old Tree

In this beautifully illustrated book, an old tree inhabited by many creatures is marked with a huge X for cutting but no one knows why. When Captain Crow solves the mystery, the resident animals start working together.

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June Book List >>

As one gardener puts it, Calandrinia grandiflora sports some fairly ordinary foliage. But that "wow-factor" comes early when it sends up three-foot stems with gorgeous, neon magenta poppy-like blooms in spring. And the wait is well worth it, for the show goes on and on. This Chilean native will bloom throughout summer and well into fall. Look for Calandrinia grandiflora in the Chilean garden and in this month's In Bloom feature, complete with photos, a plant profile and exact locations.
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At the Garden: Issue No. 64  |  June 2011
   New Directions
Meet Sue Ann Schiff, Interim Executive Director
Sue Ann Schiff, Interim Executive Director

Sue Ann Levin Schiff has joined San Francisco Botanical Garden Society as its Interim Executive Director, replacing former Executive Director Michael McKechnie who departed in April to pursue public garden consulting. Having been a member of the Bay Area community since her days as a graduate and law student at UC Berkeley...

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   From the Curator
Perennial Plant Sale Preview

Take advantage of the late spring rains and let nature help you get new and interesting plants established in your garden. We'll have all sorts of unusual and hard-to-find perennials at this Saturday's plant sale -- June 11 from 10:00 am – 1:00pm.

Preview and Photos >>

   For Your Next Visit
Secret Paths and
Extraordinary Plants

Puya alpestrisSo you think you know your Botanical Garden? See if you can find this garden 'secret' on your next visit to the San Francisco Botanical Garden.

We'll give you some clues >>

New Classes
Using Greywater for Landscape Design
Learn how greywater systems provide a dependable supply of water for your landscapes while conserving water.
Aromatic First Aid with Garden Plants
We'll learn about the, many plants commonly found in the kitchen, in the garden, and in the wild with practical health applications. Join Jeanne Rose for a walking First Aid lesson in the Garden.
Herbs for Health and Happiness in the Summertime
This summer workshop focuses on a dozen summer herbs that help with heart health and reducing stress. Includes hands-on herbal preparations.
Summer Gardening Fair
Postpone your Saturday chores and come learn more about plants and gardening from representatives of local horticultural and conservation organizations.

Chinese Culture Summer Camp 2011

Artist and educator Feng Chen leads this month-long exploration into Chinese culture - art, cooking, movement and music. Co-led by Yuhong Yao, who teaches "Gymnastics and Mandarin" here in SF.

   High Honors
The Garden Bookstore
"Small but Mighty"

Our Garden Bookstore has captured the hearts of many a plant lover/bibliophile over the years. We've had famous visitors; write-ups in national magazines, but now we've received the highest honor -- we've had our portrait done! Among such notables across the country as New York City's Strand Bookstore and L.A.'s Book Soup, the Garden Bookstore has been included in a project to catalog notable bookstores across the country, culminating in a book called The Art of the Bookstore...

See the painting and learn more >>