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44th Annual Spring Plant Sale

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Dahlias! new art exhibit

Spotlight On: SF Garden Tour with Janet Moyer

The 44th Annual

This weekend, May 6th & 7th

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Surprise Mom this year with a Membership to SFBGS. The Botanical Garden is home to one of the great plant collections of the world, with something in bloom not just for a day, but every day. Make her day extra special with a gift that she can enjoy all year.

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May 7 & 21
We'll be reading:

The King's Flower

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Trees Among Us
A Californian's Guide to the Trees Among Us

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Admitedly, most plants are fairly sendentary, but this month's featured plant is the gymnast of the plant world. Like other members of the Oxalis genus, Oxalis oregana is highly responsive to light and touch. When touched or hit by direct sunlight, its leaves fold down from a horizontal to a vertical position. When conditions become shadier, the leaves re-open. This response happens so quickly, it is observable to the human eye. Look for Oxalis oregana in the Redwood Grove and in this month's In Bloom feature, complete with photos, a plant profile and exact locations.
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At the Garden: Issue No. 63  |  May 2011
   44th Annual Spring Plant Sale
From Arctostaphylos to Zantedeschia'll find thousands of plants suitable for growing in Bay Area gardens, including rare and unusual plants not available in conventional nurseries. These are the same plants growing right here at the San Francisco Botanical Garden!

44th Annual Spring Plant Sale

Plant Lists

We'll have over 4,000 different kinds of plants in every category from California natives, trees, perennials, ferns, rock garden plants, succulents, vines, shrubs, to Cloud Forest shrubs and more! We've listed as many as we could - keep in mind that the selection can change at the last minute.

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Floor Map

Plant Sale Floor Map Make a plan – Review the floor plan before you shop, so you can start by looking for any particular plants you really want before they sell out.

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Survival Guide

Insider tips to help you shop smart, get everything you came for and find those unexpected little gems!

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   For Members
How to Get First Pick

Become a SFBGS Member and enjoy one of our biggest membership benefits at the sale! Members get exclusive access the day before – May 6 from 5pm – 8pm with first pick at all the plants and a wonderful celebration to boot!

Silent Auction

This celebration includes a very special members-only Silent Auction featuring a pristine rare Cyathea medullaris (black tree fern) and a few surprise specimens!

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New Classes
An Asian Culture and Art Presentation by Pauline Tsui
Celebrating Asian Heritage Month, this event focuses on the symbolism and auspicious meaning of botanical elements in Asian culture.
Summer Gardening Fair
Postpone your Saturday chores and come learn more about plants and gardening from representatives of local horticultural and conservation organizations.
Using Greywater for Landscape Design
Learn how greywater systems provide a dependable supply of water for your landscapes while conserving water.

Tour SF Gardens with Janet Moyer

Get exclusive access to gardens large and small with award-winning garden designer, Janet Moyer. Janet's gardens receive high marks for sustainability, beauty and minimal maintenance.

   Art Exhibit

A Photo Tribute to San Francisco's Official Flower
Known for their dazzling colors and amazing variety of forms, dahlias are the subject of Franck Avril's exhibit of photos on display in our library from May 4 – August 31. Includes life-sized photographs of dahlias from around the world as well as detailed macro photographs of specific cultivars.

Dahlias! A Photographic Tribute to San Francisco's Official Flower

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