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Jasmin Tuan

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the Plant Collections Department of the San Francisco Botanical Garden Society

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a generous donation from ChevronTexaco

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Connie Dillon
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Kathleen Fisher, co-producer

Special Thanks to
Individuals who assisted in the developing the content and design:
    Christine Mahimainathan
    Scot Medbury
    Michael McKechnie

Organizations who contributed to the creation of the website
    American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta
    Pacific Horticulture Magazine
    San Francisco Recreation and Park Department
    San Francisco Botanical Garden

    Anne Anderson
    Nancy Baron
    Graciela Barreiro
    Martin Grantham
    Kathy Musial
    Edie and Ira Plotinsky
    Richard G. Turner, Jr.

Additional Photo Credits:
    Martin Grantham
    Brian Lym
    Don Mahoney
    Jeanine Pfeiffer
    Political maps provided by Lonely Planet
    Photo of the Okechobee gourd courtesy of the South Florida Water Management District

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