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Arthur L. Menzies Garden of California Native Plants in spring. Photo by David Kruse-Pickler.

Arthur L. Menzies Garden of California Native Plants. Photo by David Kruse-Pickler.

San Francisco Botanical Garden is a living museum of plants located within Golden Gate Park. The mild mediterranean climate provides the right conditions to grow and conserve plants from all over the world, including some no longer found in their native habitats. Plants are organized primarily according to geographic areas, with a focus on mediterranean, mild-temperate and montane tropic climates. Our collections are organized as follows:

Mediterranean Climate

Characterized by warm dry summers and mild wet winters, this climate is similar to that of San Francisco and is found in five major locations around the world, namely in Coastal California, Central Chile, the Cape Province of South Africa, Southwest Australia, and the lands around the Mediterranean Sea. Plants from this climate are an emphasis of the Botanical Garden.

California Native Plants
Redwood Trail
John Muir Nature Trail
Central Coastal Chile
Cape Province (South Africa)
Southwestern Australia
Mediterranean Region


Mild-Temperate Climate

with year-round rainfall and a change of season represented in the Garden by collections from Eastern Asia, New Zealand, and South America. These plants/collections are maintained in our gardens by watering during the dry summer.

New Zealand
Moon-Viewing Garden (Japan)
Takamine Garden (Asia)
Temperate Asia

Montane Tropic

A moist tropical cloud forest climate typical of high mountain slopes that are kept cool by cloud cover. San Francisco's summer fog and moist mild winters almost perfectly mimic these conditions. The Garden is unique among botanical gardens in being able to maintain a rich outdoor collection of cloud forest plants.

Mesoamerican Cloud Forest
Andean Cloud Forest & Chilean Garden
Southeast Asian Cloud Forest


Special Collections

Ancient Plant Garden
Succulent Garden
Conifer Lawn
Rhododendron Garden
Garden of Fragrance
Zellerbach Garden of Perennials
Dwarf Conifer Pond

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